SEO Is More Than Link Building ?>

SEO Is More Than Link Building

SEO is so much more than “link building.” And by link building I mean someone making an effort to increase the number of links going to their website from another website. Though links still play a large role, and why wouldn’t they since it’s a sign of being important, there are other factors that matter as well. Your website having a lot of quality content matters. Search engines know grammar and they also know if you have videos, images, and…

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Finding A Great SEO Course ?>

Finding A Great SEO Course

So you have decided that you want to learn search engine optimization and you are ready to get started. Maybe it is for your own website or the one for the company who employees you. The problem, however, is that there really is not an undergraduate degree or masters in SEO. Maybe there should be and maybe one day there will be but in the present we cannot name one. There are many such classes and instructional materials online so…

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